Terms and Conditions

1. All goods shall be paid for with cash, treasurers check or money order.
2.This notice confirms your order only upon receipt of deposit.
3. This sale is subject to cancellation by the Seller, in whole or in part, on account of severe snowstorm, unusual weather conditions, fire, shortage of trees or for any cause beyond the Sellers control, weather similar or dissimilar. This sale is also subject to cancellation by the Seller in the event that any governmental agency of the United States undertakes to regulate the selling prices of the merchandise. Cancellation shall be effected by the mailing of written notice thereof to the Purchaser at the address given on the order form, and the Seller shall there upon be relieved of any further liability or claim.
4. The Seller shall in every case be allowed five days tolerance either sooner or later with respect to the shipping date and/ or delivery date.
5. Unloading is done solely by the Purchaser.
6. The Seller reserves the right to change prices until receipt of deposit. Each purchased order accepted by Seller will be official with the reception of a 1/3 deposit of the total amount. Deposit should be made before Sep. 10 if you wish to be sure to get your order.
7. In the event that a confirmed order is cancelled by the Buyer. Buyer risks forfeit of deposit.
8. This contract is valid only when signed by Patrick or Melody Houle.
9. All these terms and conditions are introduced to reduce the risk for the Seller and permit him to offer the best price to his customers so that good business relations will be maintained.
10. All sales are made with the understanding that we shall not be liable in the event of crop loss, damage, or shortages over which we have no control. We cannot be responsible for delays in shipping date due to weather or other conditions beyond our control.
11. Premium Balsam Fir quality is of a top grade because the trees have been fertilized, trimmed and hand cared for during the ten to twelve years or more required to produce a nice natural "Christmas Tree."
12. All sales are to be deemed FOB shipping point and the Purchaser assumes all risks incident to the transportation and delivery, including loss, delay, damage, or other breach or acts on the part of the carrier, or other person or persons, and full risk of acts of governmental authorities. The fact that the Seller may prepay the freight or that the price may be "Delivered" price, shall in nowise affect the foregoing.
13. Loading (men and machine) and trucking expenses are due to the mechanical loader, trucker and men loading on the ground or in trucks. Please be prepared to pay them.

Thank you for your order!

Patrick and Melody Houle